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Our all-inclusive packages for the registration of a Swiss Design:

BASIC - Package CHF 700 (excl. VAT)

REGULAR - Package CHF 1800 (excl. VAT)

EXTENDED - Package CHF 2200 (excl. VAT)

Our all-inclusive packages for the registration of an international Design:

REGULAR - Package

CH + DE:
CHF 1000
(excl. VAT)
CH + EU:
CHF 1000
(excl. VAT)
CH + EU + UK:
CHF 1050
(excl. VAT)

PLUS - Package

CH + DE:
CHF 2500
(excl. VAT)
CH + EU:
CHF 3200
(excl. VAT)
CH + EU + UK:
CHF 3500
(excl. VAT)

What is a Design ?

Designs are creative new designs that you can register and thus protect. Both two-dimensional designs, such as fabric patterns or bottle labels, and three-dimensional shapes, such as clocks, lamps or armchairs, can be protected.
For a design to be registered, it must be new and have individual character.
Novelty: A design is not new if it has been made available to the public before the filing or priority date and could therefore be known to the Swiss public.
Peculiarity: A design does not have any peculiarity if, according to the overall impression, it differs only in insignificant features from a design which could be known to the Swiss public.
Design protection is excluded if features of the design are exclusively due to the technical function of the product. Furthermore, a design must not be contrary to public policy or morality.
As the owner of a registered design, you can prohibit third parties from commercially using your design for up to 25 years. The design must be renewed every 5 years. After 25 years, the design registration expires. After that, action can be taken against design counterfeiting based on the Federal Law against Unfair Competition.
Designs are territorial property rights, i.e. they offer protection in the country in which they were registered. So that not all countries have to be registered individually, there is the possibility to register an international design. When registering, the countries for which the design is to be protected are specified. Currently, 92 countries can be selected:
It is also possible to register a European design that is valid for all EU member states, i.e. Switzerland is not covered.

Our services

Our design department offers the following services:

  • Conducting similarity searches for designs that are confusingly similar; conducting use searches that show the use of a design in the marketplace.
  • Assessing the registrability
  • Advising on worldwide design protection strategies
  • Registering a design in all desired countries, including reminders of the deadline for renewing a design after it has been registered
  • Completion of official decisions, e.g. provisional rejection notices or objections
  • Renewal of designs
  • Monitoring a design for recent design registrations that may infringe design rights
  • issuing cease and desist letters to third parties using confusingly similar designs to cease and desist from existing design infringement in the future
  • Defending the design against attacks by third parties
  • Transferring, changing the address, or changing the name of registered designs.