A patent registration is used to protect rights to a technical or chemical-based invention. Our patent department offers the following services and can assist in all aspects relating to patents – whether they be chemical, biotechnological, biological, mechanical, electrical and electronic:

  • Researching the state of the art
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Submitting patent applications in any country desired
  • Drafting translations
  • Replying to official notifications
  • Paying annuities
  • Defending patent rights in cases of infringement by third parties


A trade mark is the name, the brand, the label, the logo for designating a particular product or service of a particular company. Our trade mark department offers the following services:

  • Searching for identical or similar trade marks;
  • Analysing trade marks in order to determine whether they fulfil the necessary registration requirements and/or whether they are defendable;
  • Drafting the list of goods and/or services for trade mark applications;
  • Submitting applications for trade mark registration in the required countries;
  • Drafting the required translations;
  • Replying to official notifications;
  • Surveillance of trade marks in order to make sure that new trade marks do not infringe older rights to trade marks already registered;
  • Renewal of trade marks (payment of official fees);
  • Filing oppositions against identical and/or similar trade marks;
  • Defending trade marks in cases of infringement or oppositions by third parties;


The aesthetic form of a serially manufactured article can be protected by means of a design application. Our design team offers the following services:

  • Searching for identical and/or similar designs;
  • Analysing new designs in order to determine whether they fulfil the necessary registration requirements and/or whether they are defendable;
  • Filling design applications in the required countries;
  • Replying to official notifications;
  • Defending design rights in cases of infringement or oppositions by third parties.


Copyright law exists to help authors, artists, architects, musicians… to protect their unique, artistic and creative works from being copied by third parties. In Switzerland, such works do not have to be recorded in some sort of register in order to enjoy protection. In this connection, our legal department can offer the following services:

  • We verify as to whether a particular title is already being used or whether it is available. We then provide solutions on how to hinder third parties from taking possession of it;
  • We examine imitations, send warnings to infringing parties and engage any necessary legal proceedings ourselves or with the assistance of legal specialists;
  • We examine whether allegations raised by third parties against our clients are justified;


A domain name is an address on the Internet. One differentiates between so-called “generic Top Level Domains” (gTLDs) such as “.com”, “.org”, “.biz) and so-called “country code Top Level Domains” (ccTLDs) such as “.ch”, “.de”, “.eu”.

Domain names are issued on a “first come, first served”-basis. Our legal department offers the following services in this field:

  • We verify which domain names are available, register them and assure their maintenance on behalf of our clients;
  • We procure domain names which have already been issued by negotiating with the current domain name holder, or, in cases of unjustified “cyber-squatting” and/or “domain grabbing”, we can take any necessary legal action;
  • We assist our clients in the creation and maintenance of their domain name portfolios;
  • We register domain names with DNS hosting companies that provide space for websites on their servers.


We examine our clients situation, suggest the appropriate type of contract and draft it. There exist several different types of contract. In our experience, the “confidentiality agreement” is the most commonly encountered type of contract, which, of course, must be signed before engaging in any negotiations with third parties.  
Among numerous others, there are research and development contracts, licence agreements, supply contracts, collaboration agreements, toll manufacturing agreements, franchise agreements, transfer agreements… 
Our legal department has several years of experience in the drafting of contracts, particularly in cases where intellectual and industrial property are concerned.


In principle, our lawyers are recognised by all courts in Switzerland. However, due to new legislation that has recently come into force in our country, the office BRAUNPAT, up until recently, is no longer permitted to appear in court. This would only be possible if all the shareholders at BRAUNPAT were all lawyers.

BRAUNPAT is actually a firm where both patent agents and lawyers work together in association. Therefore, whilst our law firm continues to give sound advice on all aspects of intellectual and industrial property, for the representation in court, BRAUNPAT works with external colleagues.

Topographies and Protection of Plant Varieties

Three-dimensional semiconductor structures can be protected as topographies. Protection of plant varieties is available, for example, for new cultivated plants. 

Our patent department can advise you on what may be registered and can deal with the necessary applications for registering over the world, wherever possible.