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Our services

Our patent department offers the following services in all fields, i.e. those of chemistry, biotechnology, biology, mechanics, electrics and electronics:

  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting of patent applications
  • Filing of patent applications in all desired countries
  • Preparation of translations
  • Completion of office actions
  • Payment of annuities
  • Enforcing patent rights against infringement by third parties

Our Offers

Swiss patent application from CHF 5000 (excl. VAT)

European patent application from CHF 7600 (excl. VAT)

International patent application from CHF 9200 (excl. VAT)

Priorart Search from CHF 1000 (excl. VAT)

Freedom to opperate search Price on demand

What is a patent ?

A patent protects an invention of a technical or chemical nature. In order for an invention to be protected by a patent, it must be new and inventive compared to the relevant prior art, and it must be susceptible of industrial application. A patent protects an invention for 20 years.

There are many different strategies to best protect an invention. For example, there is the possibility of filing a Swiss patent application. A Swiss patent application leads to a Swiss patent, which allows you to prohibit your competitor from copying your invention within Switzerland.

However, patents are national property rights. In other words, if you want your invention to be protected outside Switzerland, one or more applications must be filed abroad. To avoid having to file an application in every single country, it is possible to file a European patent application or an international patent application.

With a European patent, protection can be obtained in any country of the European Patent Convention. Currently, there are 39 countries (

With an international application, a single application can be filed with effect for currently 157 countries ( However, this application must be continued in each country where protection is actually to be obtained.