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The BRAUNPAT Braun Eder AG is pleased to inform you that the successful cooperation with the patent and trademark attorneys firm BOVARD AG, which has been ongoing for several years, will be continued and intensified. 

The patent and trademark attorneys of BOVARD AG are now at your disposal together with the attorneys of BRAUNPAT Braun Eder AG, so that we can offer you an even broader range of technical and legal expertise in the field of intellectual property, whether in patent, trademark, design or other related legal fields. 

Thanks to the intensified cooperation between BRAUNPAT Braun Eder AG and BOVARD AG, we look forward to welcoming you from now on in Basel, Bern, Biel and Neuchâtel.

Holeestrasse 87
4054 Basel
Phone +41(0)61 307 90 30
Fax +41(0)61 307 90 39

Bern, Biel, Neuchâtel

Our Office

BRAUNPAT is the acronym and trade mark of “Braunpat Braun Eder AG”, a firm specialised in the field of intellectual and industrial property. BRAUNPAT’s workforce includes patent and trade mark specialists as well as the appropriate infrastructure for obtaining and defending patent rights, trade mark rights, design rights and copyrights. With its worldwide network of contacts BRAUNPAT is able to secure its clients intellectual property rights even in the most far flung countries of the world. At present, BRAUNPAT employs patent agents specialised in chemical and technical fields, trade mark and design specialists, partners, advisors, specialist assistants and secretaries. We correspond in German, French and English and, if need be, in Italian and Spanish.

What we can do for you

We actively deal with matters on our clients behalf, file applications for the registration of our client’s industrial and intellectual property in the required countries.
We inform our clients on the best way to protect their product or their invention.
We examine any allegations made against our clients and inform our clients on the best way to defend themselves against such allegations.
We draw up contracts for our clients and advise on the type of contract which best suits their needs.
We are available for answering our clients queries and inform them on the best viable solutions.

Our Clients


Small Businesses

Big Corporations

You may have only just started their commercial and/or industrial activities, or may already be well established in your line of business. You require advice from us, or may already have a good idea about what you need.

You have invented something, created a brand, drawn up plans for creating a new piece of furniture, written a book… and want to prevent others from copying their work
You have been warned that you have infringed patent, trade mark or design rights owned by a third party

You require a contract with partners involved in the production, the elaboration or the future development of their invention, or want to licence your patent or trade mark.

You require general advice on, for example, how to proceed with your product or invention and how to protect it and/or how to go about creating a trade mark.