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Your Swiss Patent, Trademark and Design Attorney in Basel

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If you have any questions regarding intellectual property, especially regarding patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights, you can schedule an appointment online below for a free 30min consultation.

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Our Services


We accompany you during the patent application process from the draft stage to the filing of the application and subsequently handle the representation of your patent. Additionally, we will research the patentability of the invention for you.


With our all-inclusive packages for the registration of a Swiss and an international trademark, we accompany you from the trademark research to the registration and represent the trademark for the first period of protection.


With our all-inclusive packages for the registration of a Swiss and an international design, we accompany you from the design research to the registration and represent the design for the first period of protection.


In addition to works by well-known writers and artists, copyright also includes, for example, the text of a website, its design, an advertising photo, or the source code of computer programs. In Switzerland, copyright protection arises automatically upon creation.


We examine our client’s situation, suggest the appropriate type of contract, and draft it. In our experience, the “confidentiality agreement” is the most commonly encountered type of contract, which must be signed before engaging in any negotiations with third parties.  


Wir prüfen, welche Domains frei sind, melden sie an und sorgen für die Aufrechterhaltung. Wir beschaffen vergebene Domains durch Verhandlung mit den Domaininhabern oder im Falle von Cyber-Squatting, Domain-Grabbing usw. im Streitverfahren.


Our law firm gives sound advice on all aspects of intellectual and industrial property, for representation in court.


Three-dimensional semiconductor structures can be protected as topographies. Protection of plant varieties is available, for example, for newly cultivated plants. 

Time Stamping

Time stamping documents can provide valuable benefits. In a patent dispute, it is often necessary to prove that the protected invention was not new or not inventive over the prior art.