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Domains & Topographies


A domain name is an address on the Internet. One differentiates between so-called “generic Top Level Domains” (gTLDs) such as “.com”, “.org”, “.biz) and so-called “country code Top Level Domains” (ccTLDs) such as “.ch”, “.de”, “.eu”.

Domain names are issued on a “first come, first served”-basis. Our legal department offers the following services in this field:

  • We verify which domain names are available, register them and assure their maintenance on behalf of our clients;
  • We procure domain names which have already been issued by negotiating with the current domain name holder, or, in cases of unjustified “cyber-squatting” and/or “domain grabbing”, we can take any necessary legal action;
  • We assist our clients in the creation and maintenance of their domain name portfolios;
  • We register domain names with DNS hosting companies that provide space for websites on their servers.

Topographies and Protection of Plant Varieties​

Three-dimensional semiconductor structures can be protected as topographies. Protection of plant varieties is available, for example, for new cultivated plants. 

Our patent department can advise you on what may be registered and can deal with the necessary applications for registering over the world, wherever possible.